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aver - to allege as a fact or prove to be true. See AVERMENT. Collins Dictionary of Law © W.J. Stewart, 2006

Avers LLC (Avers) applies its verification processes, procedures and technology developed by its sister company Touchstone Research Group LLC (Touchstone), for Touchstone's verification of military veterans, to other markets including, among others, regulatory compliance and health. Over its twelve years as an independent verifier of US Military Records to validate the service of US military veterans, Touchstone has verified well in excess of 100,000 US military veterans, from E1s (Privates) to one or two O8s (Generals), safely and securely. Our technology is proven, and trusted. Avers is the premier trusted independent third-party verifier whose mission is to increase trust between parties wherever trust is needed.

    Military contractors who work in conflict zones hire ex-military personnel. Unfortunately, it was not uncommon for a prospective employee to submit an altered or forged military separation document in an attempt to gain employment. In the private sector too, employers' preferences for veterans was also encouraging the use by prospective employees of fake or altered military documents. Fake veterans and their "false valor" were also a problem. Fake documents, fake veterans, altered credentials abounded.

There was a need for a trusted, independent verifier, a company who would acquire the record directly from the Government, certify that fact, and provide the certified record to the prospective employer. Touchstone filled this need. Instant verification of the validity of the record presented was also needed. In response, Touchstone also developed the technology to enable anyone with a smartphone to instantaneously verify a record by "shooting" the QR code on the document, ID card, license, web link - to bring you to our verification site. There you enter the Personal Identification Code (PIC) provided to you by the actual owner of the record in order to instantaneously verify the record.

Try It Now, for Free!

If you have a smartphone, most cameras will pick up the QR code. Or, you can download and install a QR barcode scanner app from your Android or Apple Store. NeoReader or QR Barcode Scanner both work well, and are free.

To see how it works, let's use Elvis Presley's VetRecs Card.

1. Scan the QR Code with your smartphone's camera.

2. Click on the link which will take you to CardValid.com.

3. Enter Elvis' PIC: E1v15.

4. Then compare the card shown to the card in-hand. The card holder's photo, test result(s), pass or fail for current testing compliance, and virtually any other information relating to the card holder, as needed in real-time for any particular purpose, can be displayed.

Avers is now applying the same processes, procedures and technology which was developed to verify US military veterans, to other markets including:

- utility employees, delivery personnel and other businesses who have field employees who have regular contact with the general public and where the public has an immediate need or desire to confirm that person's identity and/or status;

Private Club Memberships
- admission to premises and events;

Law Enforcement
- identification, subject compliance with court ordered drug and alcohol testing;

Regulatory Compliance
- drug and alcohol testing for pilots, truckers, mass transit operators;

ImmuniPass for Health Markets
- for verification of current vaccinations and immunization status;

and other markets and uses
- anywhere instantaneous verification of a person's status may be required.

Our Technology's Flexibility is Key

  • The QR code can be printed on a patient's bracelet, CR80 card (with photo, other biometric and personal information), or simply displayed on the record owner's smartphone.
  • Instantaneous verification of the record by anyone with a need to know and who has a smartphone is made by simply using the smartphone's camera or QR code reader to shoot the presented QR code. End-to-end encryption is utilized. No special software or equipment is needed.
  • Verification of the record requires entry of a Personal Identification Code (PIC) created by the person to whom the record pertains. The PIC can be changed by that person anytime. Supporting documents such as lab reports can be made available.
  • Status changes and testing requirements can be set and changed server-side instantaneously, thereby changing any person's, group's or whole population's status: Pass-Fail, Color Coded (Red, Yellow, Green), a numerical code, etc.
  • Changes can be set anytime, in real time, based on any population parameter. Populations can be segmented demographically, geographically, or by any other standard depending on any underlying need.

We want to partner with you!

Please contact us regarding your specific need for direct applicatiion, licensing and/or franchising opportunities.


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